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DHI was founded in 1954 as the first data processor west of the Mississippi. Today, DHI Computing Service Inc. is a lead software provider in the financial, medical and agricultural industries.

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It's in our DNA.

Founded in 1954

We are Utah Valley’s original high-tech company and plan to be around for at least another hundred years. Serving your past and future.

Privately Owned

We are privately owned and family oriented. This way we are driven to improve for our customers and employees rather than the wims of shareholders.


From dairy and medical records, to lending and banking services. Our diversification brings us variety, opportunity, and stability.

Sustained Growth

Our diversification makes us stable while our focus on improving customer and employee experiences has given us steady growth year after year.

Customer Focused

We build good rapport with our customers because we believe in having the best customers, which we can only be done if we treat our customers right.


We believe in being open, honest and transparent in all we do. We make every decision in the light. That's just how we roll.

Is it in yours?